This True Passive Income Model Works By Creating Authority Online

How Authoritative Websites Can Create a Huge Passive Income with Ken Courtright

If a website has one or two great pieces of content going out a week, Google will reward your site.

For every 1,000 page views a website gets, advertisers pay the site owner a couple of dollars. By posting unique and well-researched content, the views come in and the site authority rises.

Ken Courtright’s Income Store offers a true passive income model that follows sites like Web MD, which generates over $20m a year in passive income from ads. Whether the ad is clicked or not, a site makes money. All you need is to get people onto your site for the money to start making itself.

A revenue generating website: An intangible asset, not an investment

Ken describes the websites they manage for their clients as online properties. They don’t invest in the websites with their clients, the website belongs solely to the buyer.

The team at Income Store manages the websites and creates authoritative content to build up its reputation on Google. Once the sites start generating revenue, the profit is split 50/50 with client and Income Store.

Under the consulting performance agreement, it is the job of Ken’s team to create the passive revenue and it is up to them to buy or build a new site for their client if their first site doesn’t perform. This has only happened in 18 out of 900 cases.

How good content creates a good business

85% of all content online is plagiarized, and Google always catches it. In the last six years, 1 in 4 search terms or phrases is being searched for the first time.

The world is changing quickly, and so is what people are searching for. If you write something which is well-researched and shared on social media, Google will see that website as a solid player.

When a new domain is registered, it can take up to 24 months for it to start ranking on Google. By buying websites which are already ranking and have an authority, Ken’s team have a headstart for their clients and can work on making the site even better.

Spotting a profitable website

When vetting websites, Ken and Income Store have a process which they go through to assess the profitability.

They look for plagiarized content and trademark issues, and they assess the risk of a site being held up by backlinks.

The current owner of that site will have spent years building their backlinks and will have a relationship with the link owners. Once a site is sold, it’s likely that the links will start to be pulled.

Ken’s team can’t stop links from being pulled, but they do have relationships with similar sites to be able to replace them.

Growing a website and growing a passive revenue

Through working with a broker, Ken is able to show a client the prospectus of websites for sale with advantages and risks of each.

Within 90 days of a site being bought, it is passed over to the new buyer with a marketing plan for that partner to approve.

The sites hosted by Income Store have a dashboard which clients can log into. Here they can see all traffic and revenue in real-time which is being generated for them.

A website can be sold at any time. By turning it into a multi-voice authoritative website, the more a client can sell it for later on.

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