Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tesla and SpaceX Member, Kimbal Musk, to Speak At The Capitalism Conference

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Kimbal Musk is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor who founded Zip2 alongside his brother, Elon. Zip2 was later acquired by Compaq for $309 million.

Kimbal was also an early investor in X.com (later PayPal), and he is now the fourth largest shareholder in Tesla. He also sits on the board of SpaceX and Tesla, as well as Chipotle.

In addition to advising some of the world’s largest companies, Kimbal also is the founder of The Kitchen, the first “farm to table” restaurant, thus giving him keen insight for his advisory role at Chipotle. As a result, Kimbal is known as the godfather of the farm to table movement and is leading the entrepreneurial movement in the food industry.

Kimbal has directly contributed the disruption of the food industry, the car industry, and the online payment industry. As a confidant and advisor to the world’s greatest living entrepreneur – his brother, Elon Musk – Kimbal is uniquely positioned to speak on using capitalism to Create The Change.

Kimbal will be speaking on the first day of The Capitalism Conference 2017. He will be sharing two decades of entrepreneurial wisdom with some of the most impactful creators on the planet. He will share the insights learned from working alongside Elon, the ups and downs at Tesla, and revealing what it takes to build a business that is truly disruptive.

If you’re unfamiliar with Kimbal, watch this revealing interview with he and Elon Musk:

The Capitalism Conference is a three day experience that assembles the world’s wealthiest brand builders, investors, ecommerce experts, and online entrepreneurs into one room. Together, we explore what is working now and what is coming down the pipeline for business owners.

At the Capitalism Conference, you will learn from seasoned millionaires and billionaires on how to grow your business and make more money, pay fewer taxes, and invest for passive cash flow and long term wealth.

You will be mentored by those on the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship while you network and download actionable strategies to grow, hire, build, and invest.

Follow the trail that has been blazed by Peter Diamandis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Herjavec, John Mackey, and others by reserving your spot at The Capitalism Conference.

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