Why Entrepreneurs Are Warming Up to Alaska’s Open Market Environment

mmMichael McGrady

Alaska is rated as one of the best places to start a business, and it's bucking the national trend by not levying internet sales tax.... read more >

$150 Per Hour Minimum Wage Idea Exemplifies Idiocy

mmMichael McGrady

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Why ‘Medicare For All’ Won’t Work, Senator Sanders

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The concept of "Medicare for all" has long been contested as a solution to solve the shortcomings of the American healthcare system.... read more >

Ron Paul Explains How Government Creates Monopolies

mmMichael McGrady

“Monopolies and cartels are creations of government, not markets,” according to Ron Paul.... read more >

Why Republicans Must Turn It Around With Tax Reform – And How They Can Do It

Austin Petersen

When Congress gets back from its August recess, it must immediately get to work on tax reform. Austin Petersen shares a message for Republicans.... read more >

A Look At Government’s Failure to Support Post-9/11 Veterans

mmMichael McGrady

5.1 percent of post-9/11 veterans are currently unemployed, according to a recent Bureau of Labor Statistics.... read more >

Massachusetts Pushes Employer Fee Hike to Pay for Bloated Medicaid Program

mmMichael McGrady

A Republican governor forced an increase on a fee that employers are required to pay to help alleviate the costs of Medicaid.... read more >

Idaho Lt. Gov. Candidate Stumping for Registered Apprenticeships

mmMichael McGrady

A case can be made that the recent push to prioritize the expansion of registered apprenticeships nationwide has become an issue that crosses party lines.... read more >

How One Free Market Economist Refutes A Marxist, Milton Friedman Style

mmMatthew Boyer

Marxist economics professor Richard Wolff recently claimed in an interview that capitalism is killing itself. Not so fast, Prof. Wolff.... read more >